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20s Plenty for Us

Myth Busting Shire Counties

Many of the shire counties, which includes Worcestershire, have been behind the urban authorities in implementing 20mph limits. The following summarises a blog on the main 20s Plenty for Us website.

Already the majority of the largest 40 urban authorities have adopted a Total 20 policy. And also 75% of Inner London boroughs.

Some county councils seek to “manage expectations” by adopting policies that are not consistent with DfT guidance in an attempt to dampen down the legitimate aspirations of communities for lower speeds. That isn’t to say all shire counties. Indeed Lancashire has already implemented Total 20 and also Bath & North East Somerset is progressing in its roll-out. Also other places with rural parts or outlying villages are implementing Total 20 in villages. Sefton and Warrington are examples. But it is clear that many shires seem ideologically opposed to 20mph limits in their communities. Continue reading