The County Council motion proposed by Councillor Matthew Jenkins was rejected by the ruling Conservatives who all voted against it. There was widespread support from all other groups at the Council.

The motion was as follows:

Many councils across the country, of various party political control, have or are in the process of implementing wide area 20mph speed limits on residential and urban roads without traffic calming. Over 14 million people now live in these areas.

Public health and other bodies such as NICE, Public Health England, the LGA and the WHO all support such a policy. It is described as the most cost-effective way to improve health equality by tackling inactivity, obesity and isolation, whilst also being child, disability, elderly and dementia friendly.

Wide area 20mph limits rarely need any traffic calming measures and in other areas have been shown to be affordable, costing around £3 per person.

Implementing wide area 20mph limits should be a core part of our public health strategy. We therefore ask the County Council to rethink its current policy on 20mph, which restricts where they can be implemented, and call for a Cabinet report into introducing wide area 20mph speed limits on residential and urban roads.

Despite this setback we know that there is strong support for wide area 20mph speed limits both in Worcester and in Worcestershire. We will continue to push for their introduction and work with other local groups to continue the campaign for 20mph speed limits where people live.