The Police and Crime Commissioner Bill Longmore says West Mercia Police is now ready to start “applying the same approach” to 20mph limits as legal limits elsewhere, punishing drivers who do not comply.

See the Worcester News article for the full story.

One of the constant hurdles that campaigners for wide area 20mph speed limits have had to face is the lack of support from the local police force. However, with the news that West Mercia Police will now enforce 20mph speed limits, there is a greater chance that we could see more 20mph speed limits in Worcestershire.

The only problem is the current attitude of Worcestershire County Council, especially Councillor John Smith who is the Cabinet Member for Highways. He is not convinced of the benefits of 20mph speed limits. One wonders if any amount of evidence would be sufficient to convince him and some of his cabinet colleagues that there should be more 20mph speed limits on residential roads.